Hi everyone!

Since my last posting I have lots of new photos to share, and most importantly I can now swim completely independently and, as if that’s not enough, I can even swim underwater now!

I’ve eased into the new year nicely, and am pursuing my Jay-Bee Academy with gusto (on some days, others not so much).

My stringing of shapes is coming along really nicely!

Feeling pretty proud at school after Mom showed me granny’s diamond ring. I decided I’m saving it for a special girl, just like Mom asked me to.

Doing some hectic dino play with a new set of dinos I got, complete with a dino cage that lights up to attract and trap them.

Some early morning play with an old favourite, Sophia the First.

And my proudest moment this year so far – swimming underwater and even having my eyes open and smiling for the camera. Mom and Dad were so thrilled!

Loving swimming now.

Doing some numbers in Jay-Bee academy.

Mom and Dad do find it confusing that sometimes I won’t go to sleep without the light on, but I still cover my eyes!!!!

Early one morning I felt my two armies needed to go into battle – Mom and Dad were thrilled that I put all the same colour soldiers together, and that the two platoons were pointing in the right direction, ready for battle.

With my pocket money I bought the long coveted Bat Cave! After unpacking the box and setting up the Bat Cave I felt it necessary to wear the box!

Here’s me singing Immortals by Fall Out Boy from my current favourite movie – Big Hero 6. Check out my keyboard work!

Swimming at the clubhouse while the old folk have lunch.

Loving the freedom of just swimming, although from time-to-time I still get nervous when I can’t reach the sides or the floor of the pool.

Nothing like having a dolphin of your own to ride on.

Dolphin training!

Christian spent the day with us and Mom said I was the perfect big brother to him, looking after him. Later in the week Christian had a brain surgery.

Doing some repairs on my tricycle

At Annica’s for Rachel’s party. All the boys having an awesome time on the roundabout. Admittedly we all felt a little nauseas afterward and had to take a rest.

And even more spinning!!!

Rachel getting ready to blow out the candles, before the wind does!

In the afternoon we had Luca’s birthday party at Fantasy Park. Lots of slip and sliding and wet fun.

Here I go!

Heading back for more sliding.

There was even a Siddeley 748 for us to play on. It had the original seats, cockpit, and lots of controls and levers to pull!

Massive pile-up on Slide 101 heading south. No injuries reported. Emergency services are keeping a close eye on things!

Going in!

Piping with blue icing

My master piece!

This is me with Willy Wonka from the chocolate factory!

Some artwork I did with Lauren at OT.

My dragons from How to Train Your Dragon 2.

I create and complete my own dot-to-dot exercises!

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  1. Tom & Di Fincham says:

    Wishing this amazing family all the best for 2015. You have crept into our hearts over the years.

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