Last week’s blog and tonight’s blogs are combined – two for the price of one!

It was a great week though. I learnt to count to 100 in 10s. Skip counting and doubling numbers was also a success. I diluted the agony of numbers with learning my sight words, so I’m very chuffed with myself.

By Friday last week my surgery had been confirmed for this past Tuesday – more about that later though.

Mom took me to see some of her old friends in Springs last weekend. It was lots of fun hearing stories about Mommy growing up from her friends. Everyone was very impressed with my tower building skills – there were so many wooden blocks that I just built and built. I counted wooden blocks with little Katherine, and I chatted to the big boys about counterweights. One of the boy’s names was also Jarrod, so that was interesting. Mommy took little Matthew tonnes of baby clothes; he came home last week at 3 kgs and 2 months premature.

We also went to breakfast on Sunday morning with Jen, Matthew and little Michael at Doppio Zero. It was really great. Matthew had to go home early to study, while Jen, Michael and the three of us went for ice cream.

Afterwards we bid Jen and Michael farewell; we were going to see Postman Pat, in 3D. Because it was Michael’s first movie, 3D wasn’t a good choice – so we’ll take him to another movie at another time.

Tuesday this past week was Grommets and Botox surgery. Yup starting early but truth be known it was about my legs being 1.3 cm different. Mom has Botox jealousy for her frown lines.

I think both my parents are officially finished. If they have to authorize one more procedure they will both fall over from exhaustion working with doctors and even more so the receptionists. Obviously I had the week off school to recover. So we didn’t do very much.

I was very grateful to get a special plate of pancakes from Shelli – they were awesome.

My surgery didn’t go as smoothly as most with me opting for no gas and a drip.

I shrieked and shrieked, I don’t think Mom can handle that again. The concoction seemed extreme to Mom as the anesthetist told her he was the boss. Mom smiled and walked away, knowingly.

Well I woke up badly. Mom had explained I would be disorientated. I almost escaped my bed due the stupid nurse letting me cry while my parents frantically tried to get it into her head that the aneurysm could burst. Yes, crying can kill me.

I didn’t want Mom so Dad was called (not before he gave the nurse a tongue lashing and through the patient rights and Medi Clinic reputation risk at her) and the doctor had the audacity to say I didn’t cry long!

My Mother usually not given to rudeness of this nature dismissed the doctor with a flick of her wrist and stormed off with me.

The rest of the week was quiet, as I spent the time recovering and consolidating. My legs are working much better – I think the Botox is a win. Saturday morning Dad and I spent some time at Mushroom Farm Park where I played, we walked, chased ducks and used the outdoor exercise equipment. I also pulled out my front tooth!!! That’s four down now.

Afterwards we met Mommy at Sandton City for an ice-cream. Back home for a short while and then we were off to Joseph’s GI Joe Army party. It was great fun, and even though it rained, in true army fashion, we had lots of fun in boot camp!

Sunday was a very very lazy day and we spent the whole day at home.

Well, that’s it for the past two weeks!

Please keep little Christian in your thoughts this week – he’s undergoing surgery to lengthen the stents in his body. Because he is growing, the stents will regularly need to be addressed to accommodate his longer body.



Video 1 Swinging all by myself (click here)

Photo 1 Croissant kitty

Photo 2 Our tree in blossom

Photo 3 Walkies with Mischka

Photo 4 Found a cable roller

Photo 5 Mischka and me playing on construction site

Photo 6 Playing with the hospital bed remote

Photo 7 Mommy ready to take me into theatre

Photo 8 Sleeping after anaesthetic

Photo 9 Writing for my blog after surgery

Photo 10 Kitties

Photo 11 Showing Mischka my school work

Photo 12 Here’s a series of pics of me doing hip-hop. “Word” *drops mic*

Photo 13 Drawing I need at OT for Lauren, complete with pins

Photo 14 Swinging At Mushroom Farm Park

Photo 15 Bootcamp

Photo 16 Running the bridge

Photo 17 Outdoor exercises

Photo 18 Stepping

Photo 19 Lastly some weights

Photo 20 Another tooth gone!!!

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