Monday I woke up really nauseas and started throwing up. It set the scene for the week, as I wasn’t feeling too well. This didn’t hamper Mom’s determination to persist with Jay-Bee Academy and get me learning.

School started with singing and dancing, we played hopscotch and with balls and beanbags and my desk version of basketball. We did revision and that’s where my eyes glazed over and Mom lost me.

So we did tons of sensory things. Playdoh to create letters and numbers. Massage for my legs, sand pit for my hands and then the corn-flour and me got messy. A goo-covered-me was washed and hustled to Lauren.

Lauren did more and more drawing and paper and iPad work with me. Much discussion went on about the amount of training I had to catch up. We then shopped for a care-package for Daddy’s business trip, including hand sanitizer to avoid his getting nasty germs!

Granny came round for dinner and we all sat at the dining room table and chatted. That didn’t stop me from needing a midnight picnic because I actually wasn’t eating from the nausea, but I was still hungry.

I created a large Angry Birds building downstairs, and then through a huge tantrum with myself because I changed my mind!

Tuesday we dropped Daddy off at the station as we was off to Botswana for two days. The house was frantic before he left, as he was so engrossed in his work he forgot he needed to pack clothes to take with!

After dropping Daddy off I had a session with Bram. It was great to see him again after he’s being on holiday in the US for two weeks.

We collected Daddy from the station on Wednesday evening, and I was thrilled with the fact that he’d got me a little present on his travels.

Granny was at our house for a while on Thursday to help with Jay-Bee Academy. In the evening I built a Lego pizza car, which Daddy filmed as I described how to make it (see link below). After finishing the Lego car I decided to deconstruct it and managed to rip one of my finger nails right off – the challenge of an AVM is that I have an extremely high pain threshold, and therefore these kinds of injuries are not unique.

Friday morning I announced that I wasn’t very skilled at tidying up, therefore I should be given a reprieve – Mom and Dad didn’t buy it.

Later in the morning I had a session with Lauren – we popped past Daddy’s office to collect something, and I melted down that he had to stay and couldn’t come home with us. In the evening we went to a birthday party for Daddy’s colleague. It was a lot of fun, but eventually I retired in a corner to play Bad Piggies.

We popped into Benmore Gardens to do some shopping on Saturday morning, and afterward we had lunch at Granny’s clubhouse. It was really festive and I opted to swim. I then decided to spend the afternoon alone with Granny – quite a breakthrough for me.

In the evening Robin and Di came for dinner. They brought me a heap of National Geographic and similar magazines which we’re going to use in Jay-Bee Academy. It rained the entire evening until the next morning – we were thrilled with the soft soaking rain.

Sunday was a very lazy day, and Dad and I slept really late, which for me is quite unusual. We didn’t even leave the house and just played at home.

Well, that’s it for this week!



Video 1 – How To Make a Lego pizza car (click here)

Photo 1 Mickey deciding to actually be dinner!

Photo 2 Busy in Jay-Bee Academy

Photo 3 Mischka keeping me company at school

Photo 4 Watching HotWheels DVD

Photo 5 My ripped off thumb nail

Photo 6 Finger heart

Photo 7 With ScreamingDeath from How To Train Your Dragon

Photo 8 Strengthening exercises with Lauren

Photo 9 Swinging

Photo 10 Another escaped balloon in our entrance hall

Photo 11 Getting splashed by Granny

Photo 12 Enjoying ice cream in the heat

Photo 13 Party cat

Photo 14 Making creme brulee

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  1. lilonurse says:

    Oh Gosh! I think Loralei is in love. The video on how to make a Lego pizza car had her mesmerized! So amazing J-Bay!

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