The week started with my usual routine of Jay-Bee Academy in the mornings and fun activities in the afternoon. My progress this week took a huge leap forward, and Mom and Dad are thrilled! Before Dad leaves for work he puts the Do Not Disturb sign on our front door, but some people still ignore the request and interrupt my lessons.

Daddy had to do some business travel on Wednesday and Thursday, but my sadness was erased by the fact that Marc, Sharron and little Matthew came to spend the day on Thursday, so my usual ‘free day’ of Friday’s was moved to Thursday. We FaceTimed with Daddy on Wednesday evening and I showed off my ant that I coloured in.

Michael and I played up a massive storm, and by the time Daddy arrived home from his business trip the house was upside-down – a sign of a seriously good play day! In the evening we were invited to the Higher Ground at St Sithians by Sharon and Marc and little Michael. Their families were also there and we had a really good evening. I watched the lights come on over Sandton as the sunset. It was beautiful and reminded me of Christmas.

Friday was a hard work day at Jay-Bee Academy and I had many successes. Dad arrived home with a box of old unused wall calendars from work. Mom and I were thrilled as the pages are huge, and I can use the blank backs of the pages to draw on.

In the evening we were invited at Matthew and Jen’s place, but the clouds opened up and there was thunder and rain. As a result we arrived very late. Marc, Sharon and Michael also arrived late because of the storm. This didn’t dampen our spirits though and Matthew had an awesome braai on the go.

We played soccer in the garden, had dinner and then watched TV. Little Michael, being the littlest, faded first. Matthew and I watched Turbo, and pretty soon the adults joined in. It was almost midnight by the time we arrived home after an awesome evening.

For Saturday and Sunday we literally didn’t leave the house. The weather was overcast, but no more rain arrived although we really need it. We played and watched TV; the three of us had a really cool two days.

Dad and I watched Planes: Fire and Rescue at least three times, and pretty soon I was singing Thunderstruck by AC/DC everywhere I went. For those of you who haven’t seen the Planes: Fire and Rescue Thunderstruck scene, I’ve included a link below. It’s not the full scene but you’ll get the idea.

Well, that’s it for this week.



Photo 1 Do not disturb….schooling in progress

Photo 2 Shapes work

Photo 3 Listening to teacher Mom

Photo 4 Wrestling with Mischka

Photo 5 This is how the towels in Dad’s hotel room were arranged

Photo 6 Missy also wanted to FaceTime with Daddy

Photo 7 Showing Dad the ant I did over FaceTime

Photo 8 Matthew balancing with Marc, Mischka and I looking on

Photo 9 Matthew decorating a cupcake

Photo 10 Mickey caught pulling a face!

Photo 11 Playing

Photo 12 Marc and Matthew playing bat and ball

Photo 13 Squirting game

Photo 14 Making rain

Photo 15 Cupcake decorating

Photo 16 A box of calendars

Photo 17 Michael and I playing soccer

Photo 18 A hectic game

Photo 19 Happiness

Photo 20 Goal!

Photo 21 Mom gets involved

Photo 22 Matthew and Marc catching up

Photo 23 Matthew and Sharron

Photo 24 Night vision goggles

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