It’s been a busy week of doctor’s appointments and a hectic weekend of partying.

The week started off a little slow with me getting down to some solid Jay-Bee Academy work. Unfortunately interruptions prevail, so Mom will be turning off her phone until midday and a notice will be placed on our front door saying ‘Do Not Disturb’.

Tuesday was a special day for Mom and Dad as they celebrated their bronze wedding anniversary (19). I was so thrilled for them.

On Wednesday Granny took me for Jay-Bee Academy as Mommy had an appointment with her surgeon. Daddy took her to the appointment. I was supposed to see Braam on Wednesday but he cancelled just as we were leaving the house.

Because of the issue of my one leg being shorter than the other we had an appointment with Dr Aduc, my neurologist on Thursday at midday. She suggested I wear a splint at night while I sleep. To be honest, I’m not too keen on that, as it sounds uncomfortable. In the afternoon I had a play date with Aneesa, as well as Mom took me to see Daddy’s chiropractor, Mike Marinus. In fact Daddy used to go to Mike’s dad Lionel during the late eighties for his back issues. Mike was super and took great care of me. He was thrilled to meet me and did an awesome treatment.

Friday morning I had an early appointment with Lauren, and she concurred with the splint idea – I’m not feeling too happy about this. I went with Mom to see her doctor about her knee, as she’s really struggling and is trying many avenues. In the afternoon I had a playdate at Joseph’s place; we got home really late, and I was really dirty, which was a sign of a really good time!

Mom had an errand to run Saturday morning so Dad and I stayed home. We cleaned and backwashed the pool. Mom arrived just as it was time for Daddy to go out – he had poker in the afternoon. We bid Daddy farewell, and then Mom and I went to Daphne and Ian’s place to see Marc, Sharon and little Matthew that were visiting from Australia. I was so thrilled! They had a braai at their folks place that went well into the evening. Daddy joined us as it got dark and he, Marc and Ian chatted up a storm! I played with Matthew and his uncle and aunts. It was an awesome evening.

Sunday we meet Marc, Sharon and Matthew at Papachinos for lunch. Matt, Jenny and little Michael also joined us, as well as a whole bunch of Marc and Sharon’s friends. It was such fun! At about 2 o’clock we had to leave to go to Christian’s birthday party. His mom and dad, Di and Jacques, found an awesome venue in Chartwell called Posthouse Parties. It was such fun and best of all it was a Thomas the Tank Engine themed party, and I coincidentally wore my Thomas golf shirt! After playing up a storm, singing happy birthday, and cutting the cake we went at fed the geese and ducks. I wasn’t too keen to get into the swan pen, as the drake was massive, so I watched from a distance.

All too soon the afternoon came to an end, it was time to head home to see out the weekend.



Photo 1 Intense Lego work

Photo 2 Missy stretched out and snoozing

Photo 3 Pretending my bath is a pool and I need arm-bands

Photo 4 The best only way to eat Nutella – with a syringe

Photo 5 Playing trains with Mom

Photo 6 Mom and Sharon

Photo 7 Playing with Matthew

Photo 8 Sharon, Mom and Sharon’s dad Ian

Photo 9 Marc splashing me!

Photo 10 Swimming with Matthew

Photo 11 Matthew and I playing Planes: Fire and Rescue

Photo 12 #Selfie of Mom, Dad and I

Photo 13 Matthew, Michael and I eating ice-cream

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