Warning: Mom doing diary writing tonight!

Monday was still holiday as I am maintaining the same schooling schedule as 4 term schools. Jay-Bee and I spent the day creating our classroom. We had originally wanted to be outside in the spare room we have on our property, but we didn’t get to doing the level of cleaning that was required to make it habitable. Jay-Bee enjoyed explaining to me what he was going to do where. I was really taken with the boy’s enthusiasm for the whole process and the new found energy he had to do the work.

I have been teaching Jarrod a little of the spiritual world, such as there is a God and his son and some basics and this comes with some prayer. In our prayer Monday evening, I asked that Matthew be in his prayers. He opened his eyes and immediately asked “What’s wrong with Matthew?” I then had to ask him to finish his prayer and I would explain. I explained that Matthew had been born that morning a little too early. So he needed some prayers to help him along. “Wait, let me get this right, Matthew is in hospital… no, no, no, I need to go tell him some things!” I have no more words, except, I had forgotten how intense having a child at home 24 hours a day was. Again I was thinking about teaching him, if he would ever listen, or would there be many Jarrod soliloquies. Mom reaches for the rescue remedy and I am spraying it down my throat like crazy.

Tuesday, we’re up early, dressed and Jarrod announces to me that he’s off to Jay-Bee Academy, I spray some faithful, not working, but I still have faith rescue remedy… take a deep breath and step into a new phase in my life and Jarrod’s. We’re back together and in an intense fashion. Spray some more, still not working rescue remedy, bloody useless today… Jarrod sits down and writes some numbers, 60% correct, in the correct fashion.

Wow, ok, he’s willing to do self-directed work as well, this is news to me, I was told by the school he refused to do anything. We then did the weather, I chose the theme spring as it was a new start and a new fresh world outside; I thought it appropriate. Jarrod launched into it. We did the date, day, month and year. Decided the weather, approximate temperature, counted, played, went into the garden to find shapes in the flowers and had such fun, through self-learning. Wow, I say as I toss the rescue remedy over my shoulder and the dog goes for it.

My Mother has offered to assist with reading and I considered her a good option for a break from me, as she has taught all children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to read by 5. It was rather cute to see. Lying on pillows on the floor, laughing and giggling as they read. What a difference two weeks can make. Jarrod answered all the comprehension questions, with clarity and brevity, knowing that he was right. He has spent a long time hiding from being right or wrong, and would rather not answer technical questions. The school said his comprehension was bad… My expectations of our first day were by far exceeded. My child managed to concentrate in one room for almost 4 hours, I offered breaks, but he was happy. His valuable lesson for the day was that if he took a breath, had a think, and answered he was probably going to be right… To my child Jarrod, thank you for taking me on a new journey, thanks for being the map, and thanks for being my world.

Wednesday Jay-Bee was feeling a little under the weather. My immediate sight on waking was Jarrod’s face stuck to mine with that brilliant ‘cheeky’ grin. “Morning Jarrod” “Mommy I was thinking” barely with my brain engaged, no caffeine in my system and a six year old attached to my face like a Portuguese man of war, yes I am strong enough for this …. “Yes Jay-Bee?”

“Mom, I have such a cold and headache today can I please stay home?”

“From what boy?” I ask as the 6 year old sniffs and slurps up the piece of globulous matter attached to his nose. With both eyes finally open and now adrenaline coursing through my veins after the sight in front of me, I am awake, but no I am not strong enough for this. Cut to scene, dog racing upstairs at sound of my voice jumps on me and sneezes in my face! Seriously?

“School Mom!”

“Huh?” Still hanging to the post of the bed in a feeble attempt to get away from the situation.

“Jay-Bee, school is here how do you not go to here?” I forget it’s a 6 year old. Jarrod thank goodness seeing the sense then says, “I am not doing any Jay-Bee academy work!”

“Okay!” To be honest once an ear thermometer had been deployed I was fine to let him spend the day in bed. Deal was that he did some resting and things in bed.

Later in the day as we moved around the house, I realise my apples were lying in a net on the table in the lounge. “jay-Bee, why would the apples be in the lounge?”

“I was fishing Mom, that’s what you do with a net!”

I should’ve know this as I was trying questioning techniques. Jarrod then pranced into a 10 – 15 min (that felt like 1 year) on what a net could achieve. Including fishing our little dog out the pool. Whew, who knew?

Next thing I found Jarrod lying in the sun ‘drying his nose up’ cause that’s what we do with washing… Can’t fault the thinking. Another successful day despite the sniffing and spluttering that came with it.

On Thursday the same cheesy grin greets me, “Mom I lied to you I don’t want to do Jay-Bee Academy!”

“Oh do you want to go back to school?”


“Ok so you have two options, home school, or Japari make your choice.”

Why did I toss the rescue remedy yesterday? Oh. I decide to spend a shower pondering the expectation or emotion that drove the start of this conversation. Is it my imagination, that Norwin has not made me tea in days? Ah, a conspiracy, no back to Jarrod. I wonder where the coffee syrup is. Oh, no back to Jarrod. I need caffeine.

I go downstairs to do breakfast. I think I’ll start easy… “Jay-Bee what happened to my apples?”

“Well Mom, I decided to pretend that I was shopping, so I put them in a shopping bag!”

“Hmmm, so they are in the pantry?”

“No silly, after I bought them, I cooked them; they are in the oven!”

“Jay-Bee, my oven or your play oven?”

“My oven Mom!” thank goodness Mom breathes.

Jarrod reminds me to do the date and off we go into Jay-Bee Academy. He does puzzles, he paints, he cuts he traces… Did he say he doesn’t want to do work today? Where is that rescue remedy? Jarrod against conventional wisdom worked consistently for 2.5 hours today. I think this kid rocks!

Joleen popped in for tea and to return something. Then gran arrived as the reading teacher. We were all standing on the balcony upstairs and had a discussion about a spot on the ceiling. Finally remembering there had been a sticky frog there previously we looked around and yes, it would land into a wall light! Wow. And now, who knows.

Jay-Bee built an obstacle course for break time and second break consisted of soccer with Mischa and Granny and Mom!

Suddenly Michelle arrived, and we nattered all afternoon.

Jay-Bee entertained us, with climbing up the bars getting my foot stuck once needing rescuing, giving Michelle heart failure. He then stripped off then streaked with nesting dolls pillows strategically placed and then clothes

Then dad arrived home and caught the girls having an afternoon cocktail. He arrived before 6 today and only because he had my cold. We all went to bed early after our first successful week on JB academy.

Friday I found Jay-Bee in Jay-Bee Academy working… I absolutely love this kid, he is loving, kind, his manners are better than ever, except for the odd strip show, included in the afternoon’s goings on. He did approximately, 2 hours work, before we hit the car to get to Lauren his OT. He did great work, concentrated, then showed her how to play a game. It’s remarkable that he has grown in confidence and no longer tries to guess answers or hide behind humour. He’s still funny make no mistake, and his ability to negotiate is tiring. Wow am I grateful.

We popped home for a cup of tea and a story with Gran and then headed off to movies and to secretly buy Dad’s birthday present.

I put him totally in charge and he ran around the shops, in a loud, borderline pretentious way, telling the store what was going on. He even went to get help from a shop assistant to get his particular choice. He asked for a little help reading the cards but made his choices of paper, bow and bag with a flare that put my shopping skills to shame. His father and I had made a decision that a good behaviour / hard work gift was out the question, as 3 days of work was not the proof of the pudding.

“But Mom and Dad we didn’t make pudding”. Right well let me remind myself he is 6. He waited till we were at the store to remind me I owed him his pocket money and if I wasn’t going to buy something for him, he would. Infinity character, Perry the Platapus. People in the shop stared! Perhaps it was because he kept involving them. He even asked that purchase be made separately as one was a gift and one was pocket money. Did he talk to everyone that day?

We headed off to see the SpongeBob Movie, and he swiped cards, reminded me to do the children’s assessment on DH so that he could see movies for free before 7. He asked why we were the only people in the movie theatre, and gave commentary through the entire movie. I laughed when at the popcorn station whilst putting on flavouring my kid announced to lady who came to help “don’t worry, thank you my Mom has it under control.” Great, thank goodness that’s what he thinks. The movie was mind numbing for an adult but Jarrod’s frequent interjections and comments and bouncing up and down made it worth it.

After we got home it took a fair amount of convincing that he should keep the gift etc. a secret. So on some level he was planning so he was sneaking around asking me where I put it and what I did with it. Sitting in the family room he launched a conversation with Dad. “What kind of cake do you want Dad?”

Norwin looked at me, willing me to help. I shrugged, not really knowing where the discussion was going. I eventually asked that it be reasonable in the amount of time I had to work with.


“Chocolate Mom!” he retorted to me, “Dad, what characters do you want?”

“Lego is always nice!” (where is that rescue remedy) Jarrod turns to me… “Mom, did you get that? Chocolate with Lego characters”

We no longer leave the room when needing to laugh out loud which usually leads to Jarrod with both hands and shoulders going “What?????”

We had our Friday dinner at Gran’s clubhouse, steak, salad, calamari for me. It’s always fun. We decided with the weather getting better, the folks can eat while I swim as soon as it’s hot for a few more days.

Saturday, jay-Bee was still sick, so we vegged around the house. An afternoon snooze ensued. With Jarrod being super attached to his Infinity game. Norwin found us both passed out at 7:15.

Sunday the boys went out for birthday frozen yoghurt and I had a cup of tea in a quiet house, this house is not like others; it’s so quiet it doesn’t creak and groan, it is really so restful. Mischa got his first walk with Norwin and they seem to have had a good time. We, as in Jay-Bee and I, managed to get all the secret birthday stuff done. All good and with time to spare. Jarrod is becoming an expert at following instructions.

The afternoon was spent baking cakes and decorating for Dad’s birthday. Play and obstacle course, a quick swim for Jarrod and Mischa and finally me. All I need say is that Norwin had the hosepipe and Jarrod figured out how to use the pool connectors.

Dinner and a read of the newspaper, baths and to bed for my tired little boy. Norwin and I get to watch the movie tonight.

Cheers to all, to all a goodnight.

And thanks to the teachers, OT, play therapist for finding a way for Jay-Bee to be happy.

Thank you.


Photo 1 Wearing Mom’s glasses

Photo 2 Sick bunny

Photo 3 Trampoline time

Photo 4 Full worksheet done

Photo 5 Working in Jay-Bee Academy

Photo 6 Spring!

Photo 7 Dot-to-dot and colouring

Photo 8 Doing ‘electronic’ work

Photo 9 Home movies!

Photo 10 Lost to tech

Photo 11 Ice-cream time

Photo 12 Building in the sun-room

Photo 13 Wooden animals

Photo 14 Baking Daddy’s ‘secret’ birthday cake

Photo 15 Chocolate

Photo 16 Testing the batter

Photo 17 Yum

Photo 18 Not missing any

Photo 19 Daddy’s secret cake for tomorrow

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