It’s been a stunning week at the beach. The weather was stunning although once or twice we did get a little cold in the afternoons. We spent each and every morning on the beach building sandcastles or playing ball. On one morning Dad and I even climbed up onto the lifeguard’s platform and pretended it was a boat that we were steering out to sea. As the morning sun rose in the midday we would head up to the pool at Cabana Beach Lifestyle Resort to swim and mellow out. Not only is the pool heated but it is accompanied by a Wimpy, so there’s always chips and fish fingers on tap for me.

Our afternoons were spent lazily, with the occasion visit to The Gateway and a play at Mr Funtumbles. Mommy was determined to win 1200 tickets for me to get a Bart Simpson, and she succeeded! I’m now the proud owner of a Bart Simpson. We also went up to the Cabana’s sister hotel Umhlanga Sands to chill out there and visit the Spur.

Unfortunately Saturday morning arrived all to quickly and after a nice breakfast in Umhlanga we headed back to the hotel for our luggage. The drive back was uneventful, other than Dad and I occasionally singing some of our favourite songs at the tops of our voices.

Back home it was awesome to see Mickey, Missy, Mischka and Rhino again. It seems our timing was perfect once again as we missed the cold spell in Jo’burg.

Until next week!

Lots of love


Photo 1 Getting started early morning

Photo 2 Starling stealing my chips

Photo 3 A room with a view

Photo 4 Granny builder

Photo 5 Building a bridge

Photo 6 Master Builder Emmet enjoying the beach

Photo 7 Walking back from dinner

Photo 8 Start of another project

Photo 9 Love the beach

Photo 10 Super Jarrod

Photo 11 Project looking good

Photo 12 Perfect weather

Photo 13 Cabana Beach

Photo 14 Loving the sand

Photo 15 Watching a launch

Photo 16 Collecting wet sand to build with

Photo 17 Waiting for the waves

Photo 18 Happiness

Photo 19 Love the sea

Photo 20 Ninja Turtle on Beach

Photo 21 Throwing sand…..

Photo 22 ….at the sea

Photo 23 Going in

Photo 24 Getting wet

Photo 25 Running

Photo 26 Umhlanga Pier

Photo 27 Giggles

Photo 28 Getting dumped

Photo 29 Holding on

Photo 30 Beach boy

Photo 31 Swimming

Photo 32 Loving it

Photo 33 Pool smiles

Photo 34 Dad’s strange castle

Photo 35 Getting mud

Photo 36 Sand castles can be hard work

Photo 37 Building

Photo 38 Tripped over my master piece

Photo 39 Ice cream time

Photo 40 Swimming with Dad

Photo 41 Millipede

Photo 42 Monkey on our balcony

Photo 43 Helping our porter

Photo 44 Stretching our legs at Bergview

Photo 45 Jo’burg skyline

Photo 46 599km and home again

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  1. Yolandi says:

    I envy you – I miss the sand, see and waves! Looks like you had a wonderful time. We used to go there once a year while still working in the corporate world and also had a ball of a time. JB is growing up so quickly, good luck with home schooling and the challenges! Lots of love, Yolandi

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