Does this seem like a strange topic, well I suppose it is. We are very lucky to be on a timeshare holiday again. Timeshare rocks!!
We are at Cabana Beach Lifestyle Resort. This means that Granny and I are in the cupboard in the wall.

On the journey and due to my new learning schedule, my folks have very quickly found out that I am learning at a rate of knots. I got in the car and that was it, entertainment time. When were we going to get there. I almost burst with anticipation to get going while Mom was having an 8 am meeting while we went to get petrol and ready the car. Oh boy a holiday!

As Mom arrived in the car that was it I started asking if we were there yet. Mom’s head dropped and very soon we stopped the car to retrieve the electronics to keep me busy. 6 hours later Mom saw the sea first which made me so miserable I cried. Oi vey! Poor folks.

When we arrived I looked after Mom and took her into the resort. We made our way upstairs and Mom showed me the cupboard where Gran and I would sleep. I chose my bed, and that was it, I closed up and from the lounge you could hear Gran and I discussing plans for the week. Every now and then I disappeared into the room I have renamed the hideaway. I sing in there, I dance in there and get dressed as a superhero in there. I often find the folks giggling away at my antics.

We’ve had a busy week. My Monday started school work. 3 light tasks and a ton of talking. When Mom was happy with the outcomes, Gran took me outside for a small break. Gran took Mom and I to Benmore as Mom will only be able to drive in about 4 more weeks. It was on the way that I managed to get out of Mom that Ryan was coming for a visit. Well I must have waited and opened the front door a hundred times before they arrived. Ryan ran over to Mom and asked about her knee. I in my best dramatic voice I told Ryan how terrible it looked, I put my hand on my head and shook my head. Mom asked Ryan if he would like to see the knee, but Ryan was quick to retort NO.

We played up a storm and Mom and Claudi talked. It was so much fun. I’ve missed Ryan.

Tuesday after the school routine, apparently it’s a light routine as I am on holiday. HUH? Work on holiday. Actually I quite like the routine. I also get to ask any questions I want. I am really enjoying that. Sometimes we even watch Discovery Channel online to get answers etc. Dad took me to play therapy. Unfortunately Discovery Health declined the extension on my allied benefit, so therapy might be halted for a few months. Tuesday afternoon, Aneesa came to visit. We baked Barney cupcakes. We managed to work together quite well. I also did a huge drawing and had an awesome day.

Wednesday, we saw little Christian in the afternoon and played up a storm with each other, we were even allowed some messy play with Corn Flour and water. I finally understand that you do need more water to make it work better but got some good turning action with my wrists.
It was a fun afternoon with Christian.

Thursday was a quiet day and we went to the bike park, thanks to Granny who has been looking after Mom and I all week, cooking, helping, playing, driving, she’s been great.

Friday Jaden came for a visit again I was beside myself with excitement , we played up another storm in the house. We then ran around the complex and rode my bikes. Awesome. Mom then did a big pack for, me, Dad and herself. Then we headed to the Spur. There I got to play with Michael, and saw his folks, Matt and Jen. It was off to bed and to wake up to the trip down to Umhlanga.

Today has seen me play on the beach for hours then in the pool for hours. While we were on the beach Dad and I built a HUGE sandcastle. Well, actually a small castle on a big hill. Because the tide was coming up so high, Dad wasn’t content to ‘just build a castle’. So he borrowed a garden spade from the workers nearby, made a massive mound of sand, and then put the castle on top of that, complete with a flag. Well, it was worth it, as it withstood the tide a number of times.

Gran and I made bridges, my other favourite activity on the beach. It was an awesome first day on the beach.

We then gout out of the wind and played with building/counting blocks. Then it was off to the Spur for dinner and a good play at the jungle gym.

A quick bath, a quick write of the blog and I’ll be off to bed….. ooops just dropped off.

Good night all, have an awesome week.





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