It’s been a very interesting week. I’m officially on school holidays, but since I no longer go to school, I’m doing ‘school’ every day. We’ve started my home-schooling programme called Jay-Bee Academy.

Most of the week Mom and I were out and about when we weren’t at JBA (Jay-Bee Academy). I’m really enjoying my self-directed learning and I feel I’m progressing well. Mom and Dad are finding spur-of-the-moment opportunities for me to learn, and it seems to work. As a treat before going into hospital, Mom let me have a Ninja Turtle soft toy which I made myself at The Bear Factory. I even got to record my own voice for its ‘insides’; my Ninja Turtle says a loud ‘poya-tata’ just like on TV!

Friday morning when I woke up I discovered Mommy had already left for hospital. She was having surgery on her knee, and between Dad and Granny they drew lots as to who would go with Mommy and who would go with me. Daddy ended up looking after me for the day, and Granny went to hospital with Mommy. Dad and I regularly called Mommy to check on her; and being together the whole day we had lots of plans.

First Dad and I went to one of his banking clients to drop off some documents. I was super friendly with everyone, and even got to go into the secured executive floor where the c-suite of Daddy’s client sit. It looked super plush and all the executive secretaries were very friendly. I handed all of Dad’s documents to Connie, and even got a chance to wave to the CFO while he was on the phone. On the way out I spotted a balloon in reception, as only I can do, and I got the receptionist to sign us out. It was really great and lots of fun; I now know why Daddy loves his work so much!

Afterward we went to Mushroom Farm Park where I rode my tricycle around the park while Daddy walked Mischka. As we walked around we watched the huge Hyundai tethered balloon swaying in the breeze. Dad said he was still very keen to go up the balloon (we had promised it to him for his birthday two years ago but it never materialised). Now that I’m a little older I’m also a little scared. As the balloon landed we asked the attendants if we could ‘inspect’ the basket for safety. I was given a full tour of the basket and Dad and the attendant showed me how strong the ropes were and how secure the cage was. I’m starting to feel convinced.

A play in the sandpit ensued, and while we were playing Granny phoned to say Mommy was out of theatre and doing well. Dad and I were very relieved. We were told that Mommy will probably be home mid-afternoon. Dad and I had some lunch, and then he took me for my play therapy with Braam.

Mommy was home again by the time we arrived back, and I showered Mommy with gifts and flowers and a card I drew for her. Although she was very sore and had a massive headache she was thrilled to see us and with her gifts.

The rest of the weekend we opted to take it easy. It started raining on Friday evening and most of the weekend it drizzled on and off, which was really awesome. Our only outing was to go to Granny’s place for lunch. Sadly Mommy is very very sore and is still battling to get around a little. She does have crutches, or mag-wheel modifications as Dad and I like to call them. On a serious note though, Dad has already really modified the crutches as they were squeaking and driving Mommy insane!

Well that’s it for this week. Mommy says a great big thank you to everyone for their messages, and offers of help.

Until next week.



Photo 1 With Gran at the Mushroom Farm Park

Photo 2 Chasing Mischka

Photo 3 Playing ball

Photo 4 Some high-sky

Photo 5 Experimenting

Photo 6 Spotted a puppy Mischka at the pet store

Photo 7 My new tricycle

Photo 8 My Ninja Turtle that I made ready to go home

Photo 9 Delivering documents with Dad

Photo 10 Yes, I would spot a balloon in the reception

Photo 11 C-Suite visit done!

Photo 12 Off to the park!

Photo 13 The tethered balloon

Photo 14 Mischka acting as my emergency brake

Photo 15 Loving my tricycle

Photo 16 And some walking

Photo 17 Look at the green in the tree – summer is on its way!

Photo 18 Playing some ‘real’ Angry Birds

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