Hi everyone!

Apologies for not posting a blog last week; the truth is I didn’t have much to say, and I also didn’t have many photos to post. The last two weeks have been much of the usual things – going to school, playing tennis and seeing my therapists. Singing has become a big part of me and I try sing something with Mom and Dad in the car every time we travel somewhere. Dad took me to school last Monday and I demanded the car stereo be at full volume! My favourite songs I like to sing at the moment are Say Something by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera, Let It Go and Do You Want To Build A Snowman from the movie Frozen, and Katy Perry songs are still my favourite, with Dark Horse being in my current repertoire. And if you’re wonder, yes, I know all the lyrics.

Friday evening we decided to go out for sushi. I love the salmon as well as letting things go around on the conveyor belt and watching people’s reactions as pens and toys come past them!

Saturday night I mixed blue cupcake icing with my Playdoh. Made for an interesting clean-up operation for Mom. There are still hand prints on the wall!

On Tuesday I woke up really late – I think I was just needing a rest. Fortunately Mom and Dad let me sleep when I need it, for my brain to heal. As a result I got to stay home from school, but Mom and Dad went in my place to get some teach feedback. As a reward I got a really big Bewilderbeast (from How To Train Your Dragon 2). I’ve also visited with friends and had some play dates.

This afternoon we were at the Spur and while there Daddy downloaded their 3D app. I was given some paper characters to colour in, and once shaded in, by playing the iPad camera over the characters, they actually come to life in the colours I used. I’m not sure who was more thrilled by this – me or Dad. On the flip side of the page you could colour in the wardrobe and similarly upload these into the app and dress the characters.

Well that’s about it for now. I promise to have more exciting news next week!



Photo 1 Mickey chilling out!

Photo 2 My grader that Dad built

Photo 3 I took this pic while driving

Photo 4 Sushi time

Photo 5 An oldie but a goodie

Photo 6 Playdoh icing mix!

Photo 7 My new Bewilderbeast

Photo 8 Ninja Turtle with me in the car

Photo 9 Looking cool!

Photo 10 Just for fun!

Photo 11 3D artwork at the Spur

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