Four Stars!

After blogging last week we all settled down to watch the final of the Soccer World Cup. I fell asleep, as it was really late, but Mom and Dad told me the next morning that our team, Germany, won! They said it was a stressful and tense 120 minutes, but fortunately after 113 minutes Mario Götze scored a superb goal. The last 7 minutes were as stressful as the first 113, in that we were worried Argentina would score! Fortunately they didn’t and Germany added a fourth star to their soccer jerseys.

We were all pretty tired on Monday but very happy. After school on Monday I had a session with Lauren.

Tuesday morning Daddy left really early to go to Botswana again, where he is ‘building a new bank’. It was a hugely exciting day for me at school as we were going to the zoo with my class. It was awesome. Having been there recently I was in a good position to lead everyone around. We all rode on the tractor too and saw lots of animals.

I saw Bram for some play therapy on Wednesday after school. He’s really getting to the bottom of my stress levels and the post-traumatic stress that I suffer from. Pretty soon we’ll start seeing some benefit from these.

Thursday was a pretty ordinary day. We all felt really lazy in the evening so we sent Dad out to get pizzas for dinner.

Friday Mom was incredibly ill from a virus. She’d been awake all night and felt too weak to drive me to school. Daddy had too many appointments so he couldn’t help out. I scored! I got to stay home for the day.

Saturday and Sunday were spent at home. We let Mommy sleep very late on Saturday and then in the afternoon Dad and I had a long snooze. Despite our afternoon nap I fell asleep early and slept through most of the night.

Sunday morning Daddy had a pile of admin to get through, so we left him alone in the study. Mom and I tackled my room and tidied up Legos and other toys. The top shelf of my book case is now a display for all my characters – there’s lots of them!

Well that’s it from a really lazy and laid back weekend.

Lots of love,


Photo 1Playing dress up

Photo 2 Some daddy-gym

Photo 3 Swinging at OT with Toothless the Dragon

Photo 4 My name writing is getting good!

Photo 5 Making a call at school (to phone Mom)

Photo 6 ???

Photo 7 Doing crafts

Photo 8 Yum! Mince on toast. A first for me

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