Both Mom and Dad took me to school as they had a doctor’s appointment directly afterward. Mom for her knee and Dad for a sore throat which turned out to be tonsillitis, so he was booked off. After school I had an appointment with Dr Tiziana Aduc and then with Lauren for OT. Mom was running 10 mins late in getting me from my school to Dr Aduc’s rooms on the other side of town, so she called ahead. Sadly she was promptly told to reschedule! Mom was furious! Each time we’re at Dr Aduc’s rooms her appointments run up to an hour late. Yet for being ten minutes late the appointment we’ve had months ago was cancelled.

Needless this is yet again another setback in my getting the necessary treatments, therapies and medication needed to try lead a normal life.

Tuesday morning Dad headed off to Botswana. In the evening Germany played against Brazil and won 7-1 securing their place in the finals. I was thrilled for Dad’s team! Wednesday was a pretty ordinary day. Sadly I didn’t see Daddy as I was asleep by the time he arrived home.

On Thursday the last of my birthday presents arrived – K’Nex Bowser’s Castle and Sophia the First Floating Palace. I was thrilled. In the afternoon when Dad came home I immediately put him to the task of constructing Bowser’s Castle. Dad and I took a quick break from building and had our hair cut, and afterward we had frozen yoghurt. I made Mom a frozen yoghurt to go. Back home we built some more, and then we had a Skype call with a lady in America who works with my Uncle Oliver and is studying medicine part-time. Her assignment was to interview the parents of a child with chronic health care problems, and Uncle Oliver immediately thought of me. So we all huddled around the iPad and meet with Bethany as she interviewed us.

Friday was a pretty quiet day for us all.

Saturday morning Dad and I let Mom sleep really late – her knee is so sore and she needed the rest. We played in the morning; had pirate fights, played racing cars, watched TV and built Legos. We had a late lunch at Piza E Vino and then did some shopping. In the evening I tried to stay up with Daddy to watch the 3rd / 4th place World Cup matches, but I fell asleep. Daddy told me the next morning that the Netherlands beat Brazil to take 3rd place.

Sunday we didn’t even leave the house! Granny was here for a little while. Dad and I spent the morning building Lego cars and in the afternoon we tried to take a snooze so that we could all stay up for the Germany-Argentina World Cup final. We’re all rooting for Germany; Daddy is always wearing a German scarf in support. We wish them luck for tonight!

Love Jay-Bee!

Photo 1 Ready for a cold morning

Photo 2 Total Tweets during the Brazil-Germany game

Photo 3 Peak moments that generated Tweets during the game

Photo 4 Working in class

Photo 5 Having my hair cut

Photo 6 #Selfie of me and Dad with our hair looking smart

Photo 7 Getting frozen yoghurt for Mommy

Photo 8 One K’nex Bowser’s Castle and one very tired Daddy

Photo 9 Skyping with Bethany

Photo 10 Playing with Bowser’s Castle

Photo 11 Playing at lunch

Some of our favourite World Cup soccer images we found


Pictures from last week at the zoo that Daddy forgot to add

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