“Mom, I have a problem….”

“What’s the problem Pie?”

“I swallowed a stone.”

It’s really not cool when both my parents fall off their chairs laughing at me. Old dodgers!

I will be honest Mom recovered quite quickly and I saw her staring at me chewing her lip. I could tell she was thinking. What was she thinking? For once I couldn’t tell. She made her way upstairs to see what I was playing with. Dad was still laughing.

“Mom… I have a problem….”

“OK what’s your problem?”

“Welllllll. I am not sure that we are going the right way to school.”

“OK which way should I go?”

“Back home!”

“Mom… I have a problem.”

“Jay-Bee for Monday morning you’ve had a lot of problems.”

“I know it’s bad right?”

“What’s the problem?”

“What problem?”

“The one you said you had…” (silently Mom is losing her mind)

“Oh that one, I want to know how to get to kitty heaven!”

“Ask your Dad tonight.”

Dad slept out Monday and Tuesday night and came home late on Wednesday, he had been in the Magaliesberg working.

Granny slept in to keep us company but officially she has moved into her own place. I am not sure how he did it but first thing on Thursday morning Dad gave me a gift of 3 blind bags of characters from the LEGO MOVIE. I got the man with no pants, happy Emmet and Wylde Style wild west.

“Mom… I have a problem.”

“What’s the problem?”

“Emmet doesn’t have a Piece of Resistance!”

“Oh, go find one for him then.”

“I don’t know where all my Lego men are.”

This resulted in me getting all my Lego sorted into Duplo and little Lego and as a treat after Dad came home, I got his old set when he was young. It is a complete crate full and still had a project that Dad was working on the last time he used them. And in true Dad style all the Legos were packed into compartments according to colour, type, size, etc. He’s a lot like “The Man Upstairs” in the Lego Movie!

I found Emmet a Piece of Resistance. I cleverly concocted a plan. I hear my Mom talking about planning all the time. She means in my brain. I guess all the other stuff that has to happen in my life as well.

Dad had to work late on Thursday and Mom and Michelle had a girls date. They went for dinner and had a great time, because…

“Jarrod… I have a problem.”

“What’s the problem Mom?”

“I have a headache, can we maybe not talk today?”

“Of course Mom!”, to which I launched into the song from the Lego Movie titled “Everything is Awesome” when you’re part of a team, etc. etc. etc….

I noticed lots of water in the car when Mom collected me. Mrs Wheeler was waiting with us as we are too little to wait alone, but our Prefects were on the lookout too, they know us all by name and play with us. They call Mom Ma’am, I keep telling them it’s Mom they’ve got it wrong.

Mom had bought me a little bravery present… I have to buy my own things now-a-days with pocket money and I have been saving like crazy for 12 weeks for Bowser’s Castle from k’nex. Unfortunately for the last two weeks prior to this, I have put up my own Piece of Resistance by refusing to complete some of my homework. This has resulted in no afternoon star and therefore no pocket money for the week. Gees kids have it tough today. Anyway back to the gift… it was Lego Movie Lego. Everything IS awesome!

The Emmet from the box came with a Piece of Resistance. YAH! Everything IS awesome when you’re part of a team!

We made plans to visit Granny Friday night for dinner… I love it at Gran’s it is such an adventure.

We went there to the clubhouse and had a great dinner. Someone’s cat was even visiting.

“Mom… I have a problem, I can’t do this…”

“What my darling?”

“I can’t leave my Granny like this!”

My parents didn’t know whether to laugh or cry

Saturday morning we let Mom sleep in, while Dad and I played… come on YOU guess, go on guess.

LEGO. Everything is awesome when you’re part of a team.

Mom stayed under the covers for some time.

Mom was up and about by 9 and we headed off to help Granny get her tyres on her car fixed. It was such fun we all got into Granny’s car and headed off to Rivonia. Granny treated us to breakfast. A couple of ladies engaged us in a hectic conversation. Mom was starting to look frazzled when they left, she turned to Granny and wagged her finger saying… “Haven’t I told you never to talk to strangers”… everyone laughed!

I went out to my trampoline early on Sunday morning for a long time to jump. When I came back inside, exhausted, Mom said to Dad, “And this from the kid that we were told would never ever walk! Look how he jumps, never mind walk!” I beamed with pride.

During Sunday Daddy and I went to movies to see Mr Peabody and Shearman. While Daddy was booking the tickets online (and to get the really cool barcode on his phone to let us in the movies which I really love doing) I looked at our movie club cards and decided that Emmet needed to come to movies too, and needed a movie club card too. I looked at my card and said to Dad, “We can add Emmet’s name here under mine, where it says Jarrod Alexander Lederer born on 19 June 2008!” My Daddy just stared at me and hugged me like mad; I guess I made him really proud! Later in the afternoon we went to Naomi’s birthday. I had a great time.

“Mom… I have a problem.”

“What’s up kiddo?”

“You’re not playing with me!”, tears, tears, tears.

“Jarrod… I have a problem.”

“What’s your problem Mom?”

“I don’t know what to write for the Blog.”

“Oh that’s easy, Mom, here’s some notes……Building Lego men, Double decker Lego couch, Chocolate milk, Mommy, Lightening McQueen, Bowser’s Castles building sets, Emmet! With the Piece of Resistance, Play with pirate ship, Drawing a circle round the classroom, scanning barcodes, 10111 Emergency services, Rainbows, Everything is awesome when you’re part of a team.”

“Babes this sounds like a birthday list…”

“No Mom, it’s all the things I enjoyed this week. Oh yes and… Ninja turtles, they are really funny that’s why they need to be in the blog.”

Goodnight from the parents waiting for a stone to appear.

Goodnight from me, and to all a goodnight.



Photo 1 Lucy came to spend a few days with us

Photo 2 Lego Figurine

Photo 3 Lego plane I built

Photo 4 Chilling

Photo 5 Dad and I building Legos at Gran’s place

Photo 6 Missy up to no good

Photo 7 Checking out some mags

Photo 8 Popcorn time!

Photo 9 Playing Angry Birds during Earth Hour 2014

Photo 10 Just Jay-Bee

Photo 11 Off to Naomi’s fiesta party!

Photo 12 Mexicano

Photo 13 Balloon art at Naomi’s party

Photo 14 Balloon sword time!

Photo 15 On guard!

Photo 16 Naomi and I swashbuckling!

Photo 17 Waiting in line for some face painting

Photo 18 Awesome party!

Photo 19 Birthday girl is made into a butterfly

Photo 20 Done!

Photo 21 My turn!

Photo 22 Pausing for a giggle

Photo 23 Watching you!

Photo 24 Dragon Jay-Bee

Photo 25 Mexican-cake-eating-dragon

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