So we’ve not had any feedback on my misshapen temples, and the scary news is that there is also a bulge on top of my skull which Lauren discovered during OT on Friday. We’re all pretty concerned what this means, but we’re not getting answers making it even more distressing.

Toward the end of the week the rain finally started to let up. It’s been the wettest March we’ve had in decades. Some roads near low lying bridges have been damaged so badly that they’re impassable. As a result traffic is a mare at the moment. I did manage to swim at school this week, but tennis was cancelled because of the wet conditions.

A very exciting outing this week with my school class was to the theatre to see Alice In Wonderland. It was awesome. And we were complimented on being the best behaved school at the outing.

I made a parrot on an empty toilet roll holder and teacher Janine was so thrilled with my work I got to show it to Mr Reese who rewarded me with a huge Lighting McQueen sticker! I felt so proud!

On Saturday morning Daddy and I went to Sandton City to see The Nut Job. I used Daddy’s iPhone to get access to the movies but putting it in a slot and having the QR code in it scanned. I thought that was really cool. The movie was lots of fun and I enjoyed it. Afterward we ran a few errands, including having a micro-SIM cut to a nano-SIM.

At the store the screens popped up bar codes (QR Codes) to get information or to vote on the service. I immediately shouted to Dad across the store “Hey Dad! Our movie ticket is on the TV!” Everyone giggled and Daddy showed me how the QR worked – he let me point his iPhone at the screen and then when it ‘read’ the code the phone vibrated! Well, that was me, for the rest of the morning I ran around looking for codes to scan!

In the afternoon Aneesa, her cousin Courtney and Aneesa’s Mom came for a visit. We had a really nice visit, and I showed Aneesa and Courtney the Gangnam Style video from The Nut Job that we watched that morning. They then asked “Do I like Minions?” Well that was us for the afternoon – I took the girls to my bedroom and showed them all my Minions as well as my talking Dave and Mr Gru. There were lots and lots of giggles. We then played Angry Birds from my bunk bed. More giggles. Sadly the afternoon became evening and they had to leave.

I had a ‘rough’ night as Mom puts it. At 11:00pm I sat bolt upright in bed and announced to the house “I’m done sleeping now!” Mom managed to get me back to sleep. At 1am I sat bolt upright in bed and announced “I’m hungry!” Poor Mommy then went off and got me a few goodies. Again at 3am I was up and then by 5am I wasn’t going to sleep again. iPad time!

For the morning Dad and I went to Yeesh in Woodmead. Mom and Granny joined us there after church. It was a really nice play date. I built a huge fortress with the soft building blocks. Dad then built a tower and put me on top of it. Back home Mom and Dad snoozed a little while I played – yes, surprisingly enough I wasn’t tired! In the late afternoon Gran, Dad and I went to Morningside Village Estate for me to swim (our pool has gone brown from the rain and silt that washed into it). It was such a nice swim.

Well, that’s it for this week.

Lots of love


Photo 1 Brand new takkies – they don’t look this white anymore!

Photo 2 Do some repairs on my quad

Photo 3 Trying to get to the bottom of the ‘problem’

Photo 4 Some bath art

Photo 5 Doing some work

Photo 6 Found the golden Easter bunny!

Photo 7 Bob the Builder

Photo 8 My fortress

Photo 9 Very roomy and comfortable

Photo 10 Swim time

Photo 11 Loving it

Photo 12 Exploring the reeds

Photo 13 The parrot I made

Photo 14 I drew a perfect ‘b’ which I then made into a cat!

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