Thank you to Mommy for writing my blog last week, and thank you to all of you for your awesome comments and messages to my Mommy.

I was still on mid-term break on Monday. Gene and Kate came around for the day; their parents were immigrating to New York, and it was their last day here so we spent some quality time together. We started the morning with waffles at Sandton City and while the waffles were being prepared, we went on a 4D ride called Snow Rollercoaster, just to get Gene and Kate into the mood for snow.

Next we shopped for carry on suitcases for them, and then Mom and I decided we needed to get them a few goodies to put in their carry ons. In the afternoon we all made red velvet cupcakes, and Naomi joined in the fun. We had a blast.

Afterward we had a major Lego play – Mom brought EVERY Lego I owned to the sun room and we played up a storm. In the evening we took Gene and Kate home. There were lots of tears as we said our goodbyes. Mom even took a stone pebble from Nina’s house – as a baby I used to take them out and throw them down the steps, and Mom would put them back, and I’d throw them down again!

Tuesday I was back to school. In the afternoon I had tennis; thankfully the rain had cooled things off. In the afternoon Granny and I played trains. I also spent some time learning my full name, date of birth and Mommy and Daddy’s full names.

Mommy collected me a little earlier from school on Wednesday to see Dr Tiziana Aduc to chat about my brain. Thokozani from my school was also there for an appointment! Such a coincident. Dr T is arranging for Prof Taylor to come up to Johannesburg from Cape Town to help with an angiogram to do an assessment. We’re thrilled about that, as it means we don’t need use our Paris funds to go to Cape Town.

On Thursday we had swimming at school, and I got seriously reprimanded for running around naked while we were supposed to change. I instigated that Thokozani also dash around in the nick; double trouble! Back home in the afternoon I swam again. I tried to get Dad to swim too, but he felt it was too cold. I was shivering when I got out.

The great news on Thursday was that Lynne, our friend in Stellenbosch, has offered us 2 weeks of timeshare in Paris for when it’s time to go over for my next surgery. Thank you Lynne!

Driving to school on Friday morning I asked Mommy if I was white. Mommy said I was, to which I announced “No I’m not. Orchids are white. Paper is white. I’m not white. I think I’m polka dot!”

In the afternoon we visited Aneesa to have pizzas and apple pie. She made a fox for me (see photos) for the song ‘What Does the Fox Say?’

The super exciting news is that on Saturday morning Mommy went to the Acornkids product launch as a reseller. We’ve decided that in order to get to Paris we’d like to start selling products so that people get something for their contribution, instead of only collecting donations. Mommy has worked out she needs to make R2m sales to make enough for my surgery, so please start buying!

To view the catalogue, click here (it’s a 5mb PDF), and to contact Mommy Lynn email her on or call her on 082 376 2788. Please also tell your friends! Next week we’ll give you the link to the page where you can order from online.

While Mommy was on training and at the launch, Dad and I went to Yeesh. In the afternoon Mom and I chilled at home watching TV while Daddy was out with his friends.

It rained the whole day on Sunday so we stayed at home and played around the house. In the evening Granny treated us to a Spur dinner.

Until next week!



Photo 1 Last South African waffles with Gene and Kate

Photo 2 Some Mr Funtumbles play at Sandton City

Photo 3 Gene, Kate and I gaming together

Photo 4 Kate on a Bat Mobile

Photo 5 Gene and I training it

Photo 6 Lego play

Photo 7 Gene and Kate and Shelli with Naomi

Photo 8 Intense play

Photo 9 Baking!

Photo 10 Shelli and Naomi with icing

Photo 11 Bbbbrrrrrr. Even had to use arm bands again because it was cold

Photo 12 Making my own spa bath!

Photo 13 Mommy doing my homework for me (don’t tell Teacher Janine!)

Photo 14 Playing at Aneesa’s place

Photo 15 My fox from Aneesa

Photo 16 Early morning swimming on Saturday

Photo 17 Desperate to get to Yeesh!

Photo 18 Being funny!

Photo 19 Writing with my toe, and having a drink!

Photo 20 Climbing at the Spur





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