Norwin on Sunday, 28 July, 2013

The big news on Monday was the birth of Prince George of Cambridge. It was everywhere. Mommy chatted about it. It was on the news. It was in the newspapers. Even Daddy chatted about it! Twitter was abuzz with #Royalbaby, coming in at third place as the most tweeted about moment on Twitter. The #royalbaby […]

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Lynn on Sunday, 21 July, 2013

I have a friend called Jarrod. He’s by far my best friend, and I’ve seen him all week day and night. He’s an interesting fellow who reminds me so much of myself and soooooo much of his father. He has moments of drama, but has this quiet thoughtful quality that keeps asking questions. Jarrod has […]

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Norwin on Sunday, 14 July, 2013

We were all quite tired on Monday having arrived back from Sun City really late the night before, and with me staying up for the drive home to write my blog. By early evening we were all ready for bed. Mommy had a really really bad tummy bug for the week so she couldn’t go […]

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Norwin on Sunday, 7 July, 2013

Monday and Tuesday were filled with me going to work with Mom and going to the Doctor. Dad was out of country and our WiFi at home was down. Hence the need for me to publish 2 blogs this week (click here for last week’s blog). I had 41 degree temperatures up and until Thursday […]

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