Norwin on Sunday, 29 August, 2010

Hi all, After physio with Di on Monday puzzle building was the order of the day. I’ve really taken to building blocks, making towers and trains. In the afternoon as we waited for Dad to come home, Mom and I watched a horror unfold on the CCTV camera – Mom has timed it perfectly that […]

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Norwin on Sunday, 22 August, 2010

Hi all, What a hectic week it has been. To begin, much to my delight, I must point out that my skills of prediction are brilliant, hence tonight’s title. In my blog of 27.06.2010, called Back Seat Driver, I predicted that vuvuzela would be added to the Oxford English Dictionary, before the end of the […]

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Norwin on Sunday, 15 August, 2010

Hiya, Monday was a Public Holiday, so Dad was home for the day. Despite this, however, we didn’t see much of him as he was buried in his books studying for his TOGAF 9 certification. Mom and I kept pretty much to ourselves to allow Dad uninterrupted study time. In the afternoon, as it was […]

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Norwin on Sunday, 8 August, 2010

Hi all! The exciting news this week is that my blog has been entered for the 2010 South African Blog Awards. The way the awards work is that the blog with the most nominations go forward to the judges who will pick the best blog per category, as well as runners up. This is where […]

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Norwin on Sunday, 1 August, 2010

Hi all, Unbeknown to my Dad, last Sunday evening while we were playing outside, I found, to my delight, blue finger paint in the front garden. Dad thought nothing of it, and before dinner we washed our hands, watching the blue paint swoosh done the drain. Dad thought that was the last of the blue […]

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