Norwin on Sunday, 28 June, 2009

Needless to say the media this week was filled with the passing of MJ and Farah Fawcett. Dad and I took great interest in a lesser reported event that also took place this week: Kodak announced that it was discontinuing the production of Kodachrome colour still picture exposure media. The reason for this is that […]

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Norwin on Sunday, 21 June, 2009

Wow! What an incredible weekend! As you all know, Friday was my first birthday, so it was suitable to pull out all the stops and do nothing but party and celebrate! In commemoration of this awesome day, Dad took leave from work to spend the day with Mom and I. The day started with major […]

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Norwin on Friday, 19 June, 2009

Make a Smilebox slideshow

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Norwin on Sunday, 14 June, 2009

Wow, the happenings of my week pale in comparison to all the interesting things that took place all over the global over the past few days. The first thing that really piqued my interest was that the Global Language Monitor announced that the one millionth word had been allocated to the English language. The word […]

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Norwin on Sunday, 7 June, 2009

What a hectic week! I was really expecting things to slow down a little given that the weather is cooler now with the onset of winter, but no, it feels that I need to cram even more stuff into the shorter hours of daylight. Monday morning things seemed really topsy-turvy in the house. Dad went […]

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