Norwin on Sunday, 25 January, 2009

Hello all! My week seemed even more hectic than what the Obama’s underwent during Barack’s inauguration. Well I guess the 10 inauguration balls that Barack and Michelle Obama had to attend in one night was pretty hectic, so I’ll concede ‘The Most Hectic Week’ award to him. But he’d better look out, as I’m snapping […]

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Norwin on Sunday, 18 January, 2009

Hi everyone! Tuesday morning seemed to be one of the more chaotic days I’ve experienced for a while. Mom had a bunch of meetings at home and I had to go to physiotherapy with Dianne. Plans were quickly made for my Dad to take me to physio and for Granny to come through to the […]

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Norwin on Monday, 12 January, 2009

Hi all, Monday was a noteworthy experience, as I went for a professional photo shoot at Avo in Parkhurst. Mom and Dad donned me in my cutest Phoebe and Floyd outfit, and after they themselves donned some decent looking threads we headed off to the photo studios in Parkhurst. There we met Bev whom we […]

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Norwin on Sunday, 4 January, 2009

Hi all, Being 2009, and being tradition, I opted to make a list of New Year’s Resolutions. To ensure I stick with them, I figured there is no better way than to share them with you and make them public. So at the end of 2009, I need you all to check back with me […]

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