Norwin on Sunday, 26 October, 2008

Hi all, Wow, wow, wow! This is all I can say about my first week home. I can hardly begin to describe all the incredible emotions I’m feeling from being home, but the most prominent are feelings of joy and satisfaction. Being in this comfy environment is awesome; there is peace and quiet, darkness at […]

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Norwin on Monday, 20 October, 2008

Hi everyone, As promised in last night’s blog, I’m now going to chat about this past Sunday, when I meet some more of my extended family. Before I get into that, however, I feel it only fair to chat about my progress here at home. I’ve now been home three days, and I really enjoy […]

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Norwin on Sunday, 19 October, 2008

Friday, 17th of October, 2008, was a defining day in my life. I came home, after a total of 17 weeks and one day in hospital, or 120 days. My Mom and Dad, eager in anticipation of taking me home, arrived mid-morning, after they still collected some final items from the pharmacy and baby store […]

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Norwin on Thursday, 16 October, 2008

Hi all! I can hardly contain myself at the moment. I want to stand on the hilltops and shout out to the world “I’m going home!”. Yes, that’s right, I’m homeward bound. Here’s how it all happened. Yesterday the paediatric-cardiologist arrived to do a sonar of my heart. The sonar was necessary to determine if […]

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Norwin on Wednesday, 15 October, 2008

Hi all, Good grief, no one mentioned how painful and uncomfortable this PEG procedure would be! I’ve done nothing but sob for 24 hours. It all started at about 14:00 yesterday when I was shipped off the theatre, for my sixth procedure in my short little life. Fortunately this procedure is pretty routine, so I […]

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