Norwin on Wednesday, 13 August, 2008

Good afternoon everyone! I’m really excited to report that I have come through my second embolisation with flying colours! So the thirteenth is definitely luck for some. Although it has been a very long day, I could hardly contain my excitement about posting this blog, so the minute I was back in my ward I […]

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Norwin on Tuesday, 12 August, 2008

Good afternoon everyone! Well, this morning felt just like déjà vu of 7 weeks ago. I was hanging around my little crib when my Mom and Dad arrived at the crack of dawn; although they do visit me mornings, they’ve not been here this early before. I knew something was afoot when my goodies started […]

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Norwin on Sunday, 10 August, 2008

Good evening everyone, It’s been a pretty quiet weekend, nevertheless I have much to report. On Friday my paediatrician decided to intubate me again, so I’ve been on a ventilator since then. The reason for this is to give my little body a bit of a rest. Without being on the ventilator I really struggle […]

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Norwin on Tuesday, 5 August, 2008

Hello all, After a few days not knowing the next few steps I again have some news for you. Firstly, the specialist Professor from the Potchefstroom laboratory has confirmed that a further three markers have come back negative for tyrosinaemia… however he has also sent some of my blood samples to Amsterdam (in the Netherlands) […]

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