Norwin on Tuesday, 29 July, 2008

Hallo Wie Gehts? Guess what, my Opa sang me German lullabies today … how awesome is that? Of course I told Mom this, as she wasn’t there at the time. Oma was at the doctor for her chemo treatment, therefore Opa visited me on his own today. Usually they come to visit me together, so […]

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Norwin on Thursday, 24 July, 2008

Hi everyone, I have quite a bit to chat about today, so get your cup of coffee and settle down for some light reading! To begin, let me get the medical updates out the way, and then I’ll chat about some fun things. From the last two blogs you’ll recall that I may be afflicted […]

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Norwin on Tuesday, 22 July, 2008

Hi all, From the title of this blog you can gather that I’m still no nearer to knowing what is afflicting me at this time. My blog of 19.07.2008 spoke about three aliments that I might possibly have namely galactosemia, tyrosinaemia, and hepatoblastoma. Early test results show that I’m not suffering from galactosemia, which relatively […]

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Norwin on Saturday, 19 July, 2008

Hello all, Yesterday was a bit of a downer for Mom and Dad, as the paediatrician delivered news about my yellow condition. It turns out I have one of three possible liver conditions, which, believe it or not, are as rare as my arteriovenous malformation (AVM), is afflicting me. The chances of my having AVM […]

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Norwin on Thursday, 17 July, 2008

Hello all, It’s been a pretty quiet week, given that I didn’t go to Unitas for my embolisation, as was originally anticipated (see my posting of 15.07.2008 for the reasons behind this decision). Although I should be getting ready to gather up all my goodies here and go home, I feel that may still be […]

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